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    27 Jan 2021
    mythbusting-banner - Native
    mythbusting-banner - Native

    The serviced apartments sector has been around for some time, but there’s a number of myths about the industry that continue to circulate. Here at Native we felt it was high time for some mythbusting.

    Here’s six of the worst offending myths and why – with Native at the very least – they’re simply not true!


    Myth: “Staying in a serviced apartment is like staying in a lifeless white box”

    Native’s design-led apartments are located in our curated, iconic buildings. They’re anything but dull, offering not just the comfort of home but aspirational design and a space that you really want to be in.

    Myth: “Serviced apartments are only for long stays”

    Not with Native. Our aparthotel approach allows you to stay as long or as little as you like. From a single night to a year or beyond. The only difference is that, unlike hotels, if you do stay longer you may be eligible for additional offers.


    Myth: “Choosing to stay in serviced apartments is too expensive”

    Native’s aparthotel offering is competitively priced, at a similar cost to a 4* hotel stay, but with bags more personality and space. Plus, 2 bed, 2 bathroom apartments can really drive down cost per head per night for multiple travellers. We’re often priced below corporates daily rate caps.

    glasgow view


    Myth: “They’re not accessible in the same way through my corporate travel systems.”

    Native’s apartments are available via GDS and presented in the very same way as hotel products.


    Myth: “Serviced apartments don’t offer the same features for corporate bookers”

    Our aparthotel approach gives you the freedom you may get with other apartment providers but with the added peace of mind of full regulation to ensure you meet your corporate duty of care. What’s more, we offer full account management and bespoke MI reporting, just like you’d find from a corporate hotel offering.

    Native Bankside

    That’s six myths…busted!

    With additional space, great locations and a unique insight into the local area, Native aparthotels are a fantastic option for corporate travellers.

    So next time you’re thinking about accommodation for corporate travel, if you still have reservations, why not get in touch and see how many more myths we can bust for you. You and your travellers will be glad you did.

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