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    TMC’s Getting Native

    06 Oct 2020
    native-TMC-banner - Native
    native-TMC-banner - Native

    The grounds continue to shift beneath the feet of the hospitality and business travel sectors but as we’ve previously posted, Native has seen an increase in market share. Our partners across the TMC (Travel Management Company) world have embraced our proposition, understanding how Native’s unique offering provides a range of benefits and peace of mind for corporate clients and their travellers.

    Corporate travellers may still have some reservations about travelling, and the organisations they work for need to ensure they provide the very best duty of care to their employees. With greater space, enhanced privacy and the highest levels of safety & hygiene, our aparthotels offer a much more compelling option for those travelling on business.

    TMCs want to support their clients in getting back to business and back to travel. And Native is helping them do just that. Here’s what just a few of our TMC partners have said about our approach…


    “At FCM and Corporate Traveller we continually strive to offer the widest variety of travel and accommodation options for our clients. We had already recognised a shift in client sentiment toward apartments, and anticipated that the additional benefits that they bring would be well received by travellers in a post-lockdown world.” Said Jo Greenfield, General Manager, FCM & Corporate Traveller.

    “Native was a natural fit for us. They’ve really bridged the aparthotel gap, offering enhanced space and privacy with a competitive offering available for transient stays. Native also embrace the TMC community, enabling access to their product through the same systems that our consultants already use and working with us in dialogue to understand both our own and our clients evolving needs.”

    Gray Dawes

    CEO of TMC Gray Dawes and Chair of the Business Travel Association (BTA) Suzanne Horner states “Apartments have always been a mainstay for long-term business travel. Native has been championing the aparthotel approach for business travellers for some time, offering the additional benefits of an apartment for shorter term stays. And corporates have recognised these benefits.”

    “We’d seen a steady incline in interest even before the pandemic a­nd this has only been accelerated by those looking to get back on the road with the assurances of enhanced safety and comfort that the additional space accommodates. Many industries rely on travel to operate successfully. It’s great to be working with providers like Native who recognise business travel’s importance and provide a valuable solution to today’s challenges.”

    “What’s also really impressive about Native is the progression of their new property concept. Not only do they offer facilities like restaurant and bars, but the apartments themselves are design-led – iconic, chic, modern and very artistic. Some of their buildings could match any top hotel. They’re as far as you could get from the sterile white box that some associate with ‘traditional’ long-stay apartments.”

    Blue Cube

    Independent TMC Blue Cube started working with Native in March 2020, just before lockdown restrictions came into place in the UK. A smaller, agile TMC, Blue Cube recognised how our aparthotel concept could bring a world of difference for their clients during these challenging times. “It’s not been simple during the Covid19 pandemic to recommend Covid-safe hotels to our clients.” Says Sumit Gupta, Head of Client and Supplier Management at Blue Cube.

    “Hotels are doing their best, be it through ‘self-certification’ or third-party ‘experts’, but it’s not easy for us to know that the appropriate measures have been put in place and are being regularly monitored. However, during a conversation with one of our key clients, we evaluated other options and, specifically, Native apartments. After exploring their safety and hygiene measures, for long stay bookings, we think this is the place, especially when considering the self-isolation rules that had been in place.”

    The business travel industry is embracing the Native aparthotel approach, which is reflected in how we we have been Defying the Odds. For further information about Native and how we can support your business travel needs, please get in touch.

    To find out more about the TMCs mentioned in this article, visit their websites:


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