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    How to Eat Well While Travelling

    25 Jul 2018
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    food1180x640 - Native

    Trying to eat well while on the road can be a difficult proposition. All too often you arrive late into your hotel laden with bags, with the restaurant long since closed and the only available option is a questionable looking fast food takeaway place around the corner. For those on a diet or who simply like to lead a healthier lifestyle, travelling can put a real spanner in the works.

    But fear not, things needn’t be that way! The fixed mealtimes and stodgy hotel food can hold you back, so why not explore alternative accommodation options? At Native, we have a range of private and characterful serviced apartments and design-led aparthotels across London which offer a different travelling experience and provide you with your very own home away from home.

    Why apartment living is better for you than hotel stays:

    Flexible mealtimes

    Whether you’ve spent a day taking in all the sights or attending 101 business meetings, mealtimes away from home can often be erratic. There’s nothing worse than arriving late at night to find the kitchen closed or scrambling to get up in the morning to make breakfast – with a serviced apartment, you’ll have your very own cooking facilities, so you only have to eat when you want to.Going local

    One of the best things about exploring a new location is immersing yourself in its culture, and there’s no better way to do that than visiting a local market and trying some of the fresh produce. With a hotel, there’s simply no place for you to turn a collection of ingredients into a meal, but with a Native apartment, you can embrace the native culture by whipping up a traditional meal at your leisure.Keeping it cool

    Similarly, hotels rarely come with refrigeration facilities – or if they do, it’s only a tiny mini-bar fridge which can barely stock more than the miniature wines and beers it has on your arrival. The beauty of having your own fridge and freezer means you can do a big shop for the entirety of your stay on the first day, then consume your purchases as and when you need to.


    There are times on holiday when you’re too exhausted to cook, but similarly don’t want the airs and graces of a restaurant. However, ordering a food delivery or sneaking a takeaway pizza past the front desk of a hotel always seems like a risky endeavour. When you stay with us, you can dial in your dinner and enjoy it from the comfort of your dining table to sofa.

    Ease of eating out

    For those occasions when you do want to eat out, all of our apartments are located in vibrant London hotspots, just a stone’s throw away from the city’s best cafes, bistros and restaurants. The Neighbourhood Guide in every apartment is on hand to keep you abreast of the best places to go to feast like a king, so there’s no longer any need to spend hours spent trawling the internet for recommendations.

    Book your next Native trip today!

    For those wishing to stick to a healthy diet while on the road, or for anyone who enjoys home comforts while travelling, a Native apartment makes perfect sense. Get the ball rolling on your next getaway by finding an apartment in the ideal location today.

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